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Have a story to tell? A destination you’d like reviewed? A tour EVERYONE needs to be on? An item our travelers can for sure not live without? A brand you feel the world should know about? E-mail it to us! Let’s Talk!



*Disclaimer: We will not work with a brand we don’t believe in, and we will not fluff up the downside. Make sure your product is ready to be reviewed honestly!

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Affiliate Marketing


Is your product ready for the world? Is it travel or safety related? Do you feel it goes with the brand? Do you want us to promote it without paying for anything upfront? E-mail us! We’d love to get in touch!


*Disclaimer: As you will only pay when we get results, make sure we absolutely love your product! We will not affiliate with anything we do not believe in and know our readers could use!


Brand Coaching


Do you feel like your brand could use a little bit of help? Do you think we would be the right people to help your travel-related business come along? Could we help you out in some way shape or form, be it through videos, pictures, social media, or website design? Contact us and tell us how we can help!

*Disclaimer: As we love love love helping out, we also love love love being brutally honest. Do not ask questions you wouldn’t want answers to and be ready to learn!

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Blogger Coaching


Want to create a blog? Have something to say? Want to learn how we make money blogging and are able to have the best job in the world? Or would you like to revamp your blog and have questions to ask? E-mail us, we would love to help!

*Disclaimer: Making money blogging is not and will never be a get rich over night scheme! It takes patience and time, and definitely a lot more effort than everyone thinks! But having a mentor and a coach could really help speed up the process and shorten the learning curve!



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