We’ll start off by saying that I, Shearly Reyes, should NEVER be allowed on a snowmobile ever again – or in Iceland…

snowmobiling iceland

snowmobiling in Iceland - Snowmobiling - snowmobiling on a glacier

Ok, so the day starts early in the morning in our hotel, we were barely awake as we had already done lava caving and a south shore tour the previous days, but in walks in the most energetic person I have EVER met.

This guy walks in and screams “Are you ready for an adventure?!” 


My thought: Um.. sure?

We hop on this crazy looking monster truck (there’s a first time for everything right?) and make our way around the city picking up all of the other people who have decided to embark on our adventure. We then  make it out to the Golden Circle, where we are all surprised by the amazing sights of Silfra, Thingvellir, and Gullfoss.

And then the real tour starts. We make our way through unmarked paths, and leave the well-paved streets behind, while in the middle of what seems like a snow-storm. The path now clearly reads “not safe for motorized vehicles.”

We are hopping up and down on this truck thing, going up the mountain, through the valley, into the glacier when I see a cliff.

It was off the corner of my eye, and by this point the storm had gotten so bad he could only see out of the corner of the windshield while looking through the steering wheel and wiping off the fog with only a winter hat.

But here we were, with no visibility and a cliff, and all I could do was turn around to Lexi who was sitting behind her and whisper to her “I see a cli -”

And as if in slow motion, as if it was a movie, we were off our sits, going over a cliff, grasping whatever we could for dear life…

And do you want to know what he said when we landed?

All he said was “well this is better!” – and it was, the road was a lot smoother.

Then we get up to the glacier, a different one than the one we hiked just a couple of days prior, but beautiful nonetheless. We got suited up in Michelin Tire Man gear and headed back out into the storm, where they gave us brief driving instructions. As in so brief, I didn’t quite know how to accelerate, and then they said, “you must move ALL of your body the OPPOSITE was as the snowmobile when you turn or else you’ll DIE!” or something along those lines…

Either way, we climbed into what was possibly a death trap, and went on to “snowmobile through the glacier.” To say the views were amazing would be a lie, as you know, WE WERE STUCK IN A SNOWSTORM, but to say the feeling was amazing is a SEVERE.UNDERSTATEMENT.

Shearly Reyes and Alexa Fernandez in a Snowstorm in Iceland

And then it happened.

In slow motion.

The snowmobile in front of us didn’t notice a small ice piece and was airborne for about .05 seconds, then it went left. Right. Left. And fell over.

And we all screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

pearl tour of Iceland reviews-snowmobiling on a glacier-iceland snowmobiling

But they did survive. So here’s the thing – this tour was everything and MORE than we realistically bargained for – seeing the Golden Circle, Snowmobiling in an ice storm ON a glacier (who can say they did that?) and ultimately visiting Faxi Waterfall, we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

Faxi waterfall iceland-faxi waterfall-faxi waterfall reykjavik

This tour is NOT for the faint of heart, but it is for those looking for adventure, you WILL get more than enough of that! To book this amazing experience visit Iceland Travel.