Along the Freedom Trail, close to the USS Constitution, we came across Bunker Hill – and by came across, I really mean we sought. It is a really easy walk from the USS Constitution, around 8 minutes, and it is tall enough to not be able to miss it.

How to get to Bunker Hill Monument?

The giant obelisk marks the site of the battle at Bunker Hill, although we did find out later on that the battle was actually fought ways away from the monument. However, the place is clean, nicely maintained, and definitely beautiful.

Can You climb up bunker hill?

I agree, it does look like the Washington Monument a little bit too much for our liking, but while in Boston, it is a must visit destination. The best part about it is that you can climb to the top of Bunker Hill and see incredible views of the city.

You can climb all 294 steps.

294 STEEP steps.

294 steps from hell.

Alexa Fernandez from Chasing Avenues at Bunker Hill

So here’s what no one told you about Bunker Hill – don’t do it! While the view is really beautiful, the truth is that the staircase is CRAMPED, everyone gets sweaty, and worse of all, once you get to the top the size of the small room isn’t nearly big enough to be comfortable. Instead everyone crams around and waits to take a one second peek outside of the TINY TINY windows to the rest of the city.

To be honest, the views were almost better in pictures.

The Views from Bunker Hill Monument

So there, I said it, while you are in Boston visit Bunker Hill, but don’t climb it!

Shearly Reyes from Chasing Avenues at Bunker Hill Monument


And as always, keep #ChasingAvenues.