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Chasing Avenues through Boston, Encore B&B


Come find out what makes Boston, Massachusetts unique and read all about our latest adventures and mis-steps in this amazing city!

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From driving off a cliff to snowmobiling on a glacier, Iceland was a real adventure. Click here to find out more!

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Snowmobiling in Iceland’s Golden Circle

We'll start off by saying that I, Shearly Reyes, should NEVER be allowed on a snowmobile ever again - or in Iceland... Ok, so the day starts early in the morning in our hotel, we were barely awake as we had already done lava caving and a south shore tour the previous...
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Stops to Make in Iceland’s Golden Circle

While visiting Reykjavik, the Golden Circle must definitely be in your list. The Golden Circle is a popular travel route and consists of a road that takes you through several amazing sights. So, with every single tour taking you through the Golden Circle, where do you...
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3 Things to See on Iceland’s South Shore

When in Iceland, the South Shore is a MUST DO destination. We were lucky enough to explore the south shore twice in two amazing tours GoEcco's Day Tour and Asgard Beyond's. While both tours were EXTREMELY different, they did have some things in common. What can...
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Patriot for a Day: Throwing Tea over the Boston Tea Party Museum

Go back in time to the era of the American revolution and sit into one of our the secret meetings, where you'll shout and hoorah at the patriot's plan to throw tea over the harbor - a MUST do activity while visiting Boston. Pro Tip: With the Purchase of a Hop on Hop...
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Exploring the USS Constitution

The USS Constitution was one of those experiences that i did not expect to be so rewarding. Although the USS Constitution was not originally part of the American Revolution, the vessel remains one of the oldest Navy ships in American history. Upon arriving at the USS...
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What No One Told You about Bunker Hill

Along the Freedom Trail, close to the USS Constitution, we came across Bunker Hill - and by came across, I really mean we sought. It is a really easy walk from the USS Constitution, around 8 minutes, and it is tall enough to not be able to miss it. The giant obelisk...
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Encore Bed & Breakfast in Review

Being one of the most historic cities in the United States, it can be easy to feel slightly overwhelmed when planning what to do in Boston. Although it is not as extensive as larger cities such as Los Angeles or New York City, it is still easy to get lost in the...
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Top Ten Things to Do While Visiting Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States, as such, it is full of wonderful history, great displays of art, and lots to do. We arrived in Boston on a Friday afternoon, and with only three days ahead of us, we had to really make an effort to narrow down...
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Why Do We Stay In Hostels?

  When we tell people, especially Americans, how we travel their first look is that of concern. Concern over not having set plans, over flying budget airlines, and specially over staying in hostels. The first question always being “have you watched the movie...
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Swiss Chocolate: Mission Impossible

Switzerland was far less than we had hoped. You see, we were nearing the end of our first backpacking trip and thus we were running out of money. After talking to so many other travelers and reading blogs, we learned that Switzerland was a very costly country to...
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