When in Iceland, the South Shore is a MUST DO destination. We were lucky enough to explore the south shore twice in two amazing tours GoEcco’s Day Tour and Asgard Beyond’s. While both tours were EXTREMELY different, they did have some things in common. What can you see in the South Shore of Iceland?

3 Seljalandsfoss Waterfall

seljalandsfoss waterfall - iceland - reykjavik

Seljalandsfoss waterfall is a stunning waterfall in the south coast of Iceland and it is one of the most popular waterfalls. The waterfall has a 197ft drop over the mountain making it a natural wonder. What is unique about Seljalandsfoss is the fact that you are able to walk behind the waterfall into a small cave. Hearing the thunder of the waterfall and looking out into the incredible scenery made this waterfall one of my favorites!

2 Skogafoss Waterfall

Skogafoss waterfall, reykjavik waterfalls, waterfalls in iceland,

Shearly standing in skogafoss waterfall,shearly reyes,chasing avenues,chasing shearls

Skogafoss is a gem in Iceland and it is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country, measuring over 82 feet in width and showing off an impressive 200 ft drop! Walking up to Skogafoss is also an amazing sight, nestled in black sand and greenery makes this waterfall one of the best juxtapositions of this world.

1 Reynisfjara

shearly at reynisfjara beach in reykjavik, Iceland - black sand beaches basalt columns at reynisfjara black sand beach in reykjavik, Iceland

Before I start talking about how you MUST visit Reynisfjara, I will mention that this beach is extremely dangerous. With it’s sporadic waves, you may not be able to distinguish when danger is or isn’t approaching. This has in turn led to the deaths of many individuals and even whole families, so while visiting this beach, it is important to stay safely away from the shore.

But do take in the great sights. Imagine this, a black sand beach, nestled in a remote part of the country, surrounded by stunning cliffs and Reynisdrangar (basalt sea stacks), makes this beach one of the most unique and stunning ones I’ve ever been to.

From here, depending on our tour, we either went Glacier Hiking or to the Diamond Beach and Glacier Lagoon. Both tours were absolutely amazing and extremely unique. The Glacier Hiking was definitely an adventure! To learn more about the tours, click below: