Two Girls. One World.


Two Girls. One World.

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Why Do We Stay In Hostels?

  When we tell people, especially Americans, how we travel their first look is that of concern. Concern over not having set plans, over flying budget airlines, and specially over staying in hostels. The first question always being “have you watched the movie...

You Gotta See it To Belize it: What to Do in Belize

I knew Belize was going to impress me. I just knew. Maybe it is because people talk about the pristine white sand beaches, the cave diving, the zip lining, and the Mayan ruins. But really Belize was so much more than that overall. When you first reach the island, it...

Why Do We Chase Avenues?

#ChasingAvenues all started with two girls: Lex and Shearls. Following social norms, we were en route to graduating top of our classes with two different degrees, settling down with long-term careers, and living out the American Dream. Turns out that dream wasn’t for us. We were no longer satisfied with doing things everyone else’s way. We were ready for a change so we made one- quite a drastic one.

One afternoon, after our first degrees were completed, we simply decided that we would no longer conform to this “dream life” of working hard and having no time for ourselves. We quit our jobs, let our lease go and made the decision to take a gap semester to backpack through Europe. At the time we believed this would be a once in a lifetime trip. We soon found it would only be a trip of a lifetime with many more to follow.


About the Girls

Hey everyone! I’m Shearls, the first half of #ChasingAvenues. As someone born in New York, raised in the Dominican Republic, and living in Florida, the idea of seeing the world and experiencing different cultures was always in my veins. But the pressure to conform to societal standards and move at the beat of everyone else’s drum really put a downer on my craving for adventure. Until one day I just couldn’t take it anymore. So just like that, I quit my job, let go of the life I had created, and grabbed my passport. Ready to quench the wanderlust and see the world! Join me on my journey to discover what it actually means to feel inspired and alive. Along with my best friend, we are ready to Chase those Avenues!

Hi guys! I’m Lexie,the second half of #ChasingAvenues and a 21 year-old native floridian girl who is completely obsessed with traveling to new places and finding that next adrenaline rush. By the age of 19 I was an Early Childhood educator unsatisfied with the way my life was headed. By 20 I realized that the typical nine to five lifestyle would no longer quench my thirst for adventure, so I began my search of #ChasingAvenues around the world. Come join me along the journey of stamping my passport, crossing items off my bucket list along with all the trials and tribulations along the way.

Swiss Chocolate: Mission Impossible

Switzerland was far less than we had hoped. You see, we were nearing the end of our first backpacking trip and thus we were running out of money. After talking to so many other travelers and reading blogs, we learned that Switzerland was a very costly country to...
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The Whirlwind That Was Belgium

Belgium was one of those countries that was just on our list. It was on the way to the next place, so why not? We really had no expectations, good or bad, for this country. But Belgium turned out to be anything but mediocre. Our experience with Belgium came sooner...
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OK fine, Lisbon, you win. Lisbon was the city where I fell in love with my life. Pure and unadulterated love for my life. Probably because I had one too many drinks. Let’s start by saying that I met the best people! These people taught me to go out, even when you...
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